Ask a Stoner: CBD Tolerance Breaks

Dear Stoner: I take regular tolerance breaks to keep my effective dose of THC low. Can I also take a break from CBD to save some money and keep my tolerance low?

Dear Courtney: If CBD is helping an ongoing medical condition, then you should probably keep using it to avoid a serious incident, and taking a break from it while treating more common issues like inflammation or lack of sleep will likely lead to those ailments returning. But I do feel your budget pain, because some CBD products are priced as if they weren’t grown on a farm.
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Your body's tolerance to CBD might not evolve in similar fashion to how it responds to regular THC use.
Jacqueline Collins
Research proves your tolerance-break theory about THC getting weaker the more often we use it. However, early research shows that CBD may get stronger the more we use it if taken in full-spectrum hemp oil, which includes small, legal amounts of THC and other plant compounds. CBD isolate may lead to a bell curve in benefits, though, requiring more doses as the effects level off.

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