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Reader: CBD Is Just a Joe Rogan Buzzword Sweeping Suburbia

Reader: CBD Is Just a Joe Rogan Buzzword Sweeping Suburbia
Thomas Mitchell
Was 2019 the year CBD jumped the shark? As Thomas Mitchell notes in "In 2020, Try Not to Become a CBD Dipshit," CBD exploded on the scene last year, showing up everywhere from pillowcases to candles to beverages and creams sold in actual drug stores.

And not only did Carl's Jr. introduce a special burger in Denver on April 20, with a sauce infused with a whopping 4.2 milligrams, but we spotted a hot dog stand (at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, of all places) advertising franks infused with 5 milligrams of the stuff.

Readers are divided over the uses of CBD.

Says Clayton: 
CBD is snake oil. I’m sure it works wonders for people with chronic pain, but it doesn’t do squat for anxiety. I’ve tried everything. Carts, oils, edibles, hemp flower. All junk. Exploiting consumers until cannabis is 100 percent legal across the board.
Adds James:  
There are much better extracts than CBD at relieving pain, anxiety, sleep issues: well-sourced valerian root, california poppy. CBD is just a Joe Rogan buzzword sweeping suburbia.
But Craig counters:
 You clearly haven't used it for pain relief. Used properly, it's more effective and safer for longterm use than ibuprofen. No, it doesn't cure everything, but it is useful.
Adds Devin:  
I have chronic pain and arthritis. It helps me tremendously.
And Brendan concludes: 
I'll stick to my beer and Scotch.
While we can't speak for whether CBD is useful in hot dogs or candles, the potential of CBD is not to be ignored, and there are plenty of worthy CBD businesses. We’ve seen firsthand what CBD can do for patients suffering from seizures, inflammation and physical and mental trauma. And if you think putting a splash of CBD oil under your tongue or in your morning coffee helps with social anxiety, or rubbing a CBD salve on your back helps soothe an aching body, it very well could.

But as Mitchell warns: "Don’t fall for any snake-oil schemes. Save your money for the next iPhone."

What do you think about CBD? Do you use it? What for? Post a comment or email [email protected]
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