Ask a Stoner: Why Don't More Stores Sell Clones?

Ask a Stoner: Why Don't More Stores Sell Clones?

Dear Stoner:
I saw your list of dispensaries that sell clones. Why don’t more places sell them? Are there more rules to selling clones than hash or nugs?

Dear Art: Making that list was a lot harder than we expected. Very few dispensaries sell clones nowadays, and even fewer advertise that they do. Most established growers much prefer growing from seeds or their own clones, because dispensaries can be hit-or-miss with pests and plant health. I’ve heard horror stories about clones from everywhere — and I mean everywhere.
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There aren’t any special rules or regulations for dispensaries that want to sell clones in Colorado, but they’re rapidly becoming a lost commodity. Local and state laws aimed at limiting the number of plants in home grows — like the bill that Governor John Hickenlooper signed into law last month that limits plant counts for medical patients and caregivers — along with a shift from the black market to the legal market have made home-growing less enticing than it used to be. Still, there’s been an increasing demand for seeds from dispensaries, which give growers more control over their plants.

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