The Ten Best Dispensaries in Denver for Finding Clones

Marijuana clone at L'Eagle
Marijuana clone at L'Eagle Kate McKee Simmons

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click to enlarge LINDSEY BARTLETT
Lindsey Bartlett
380 Quivas Street
Another favorite when it comes to tasty buds with prime genetics, L'Eagle offers a limited selection of pricier clones on a regular basis. Those looking for $15 plants or wanting to grow six or more at the same time won't have much luck here, but thanks to an e-mail list that updates customers on clone inventory, you'll know which strains L'Eagle has on deck. Always eager to educate, L'Eagle also provides guides to growing cannabis from clones, and the budtenders are more than happy to walk you through the process.
click to enlarge Behind the scenes at Medicine Man with Colorado Cannabis Tours. - LINDSEY BARTLETT
Behind the scenes at Medicine Man with Colorado Cannabis Tours.
Lindsey Bartlett
Medicine Man
4750 Nome Street
1901 South Havana Street, Aurora
Medicine Man has largely embraced the retail aspect of recreational marijuana, making clone purchases streamlined and more transparent. The inventory isn't huge, but you'll usually find at least twenty of each available clone. They start at $15 each and can be pre-ordered online, but you'll have to call find out what's on the menu.
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Scott Lentz
Nature's Kiss
4332 South Broadway, Englewood
Nature's Kiss is currently in the process of expanding its medical side (it also serves recreational customers), so its clone selection is pretty sparse at the moment. But the shop says it should be back to normal by the end of the month, and that can't come fast enough for some of us: Nature's Kiss has bred a solid cast of rare strains like Purple Nepal and White Urkle, which you can try growing yourself for a cheap $10 per clone.
click to enlarge LINDSEY BARTLETT
Lindsey Bartlett
Sense of Healing
1005 Federal Boulevard
Sense of Healing has been selling clones to Denver growers since 2012, and it's built a reputation for relatively healthy clones at fair prices, with plants ranging from $10 to $15. It's also one of the few dispensaries that actually updates the clone section of its online menus, making it much less stressful to shop around. Still, it's best to call ahead to see how much of each the place has in stock.
click to enlarge LINDSEY BARTLETT
Lindsey Bartlett
The Green Solution
Multiple Locations
The Green Solution can hook you up no matter what part of town you're in, since it has ten locations across the metro area and all but one serve recreational customers. The online service is unbeatable: When you pre-order, you'll find updated lists of available strains with information on genetics and effects. Clones start at $15 each, and if you buy five, you'll get the sixth free.
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