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Reader: Where Are the Four-Page Warnings About Liquor? Cigarettes?

Reader: Where Are the Four-Page Warnings About Liquor? Cigarettes?
Jacqueline Collins
A four-page warning about potential health effects and criminal penalties will accompany the sale of marijuana concentrates in Colorado by the beginning of 2023. The state Marijuana Enforcement Division's proposed pamphlet was made public last week, but the MED hasn't revealed how the pamphlet will be released.

Will it be available on request? Or handed out with every sale? The comments from readers on the Westword Facebook post about the MED's proposed pamphlet could fill a book. Says Kennan:
Talk about a waste of paper within such an already wasteful industry. I work in it and goddamn, we are one of the biggest sources of waste in the state.
Adds Katie:
The rules do nothing except create more waste, and turn more patients away from supporting dispensaries
Responds Colin:
I'm going to totally roll joints on that shizzz.
Suggests Twyla:
A QR code on the pack to access it with your phone, a web address, and also print a statement on the package or insert that the info is also available if requested in person. There, problem solved.
Wonders Eugene: 
So, let me get this straight...cigarettes only have a four-line warning about detriments to your health on the pack, but weed needs four pages?
Adds Ryan: 
And where is the four-page booklet when you go to the liquor store? This is asinine af.
Responds Carlos:
 You can die off a bottle of alcohol. Only way you can die from weed is if you get hit by a pound coming in at 100 miles per hour. If anything, this will be in practice for a while until things become more regulated by the FDA. Of course that won't happen, because it will make a lot of pharmaceutical companies lose money. It's all about the money and not people's health.
Concludes Laura: 
Government overreach. Do it with everything, then.
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