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Reader: Let's Create Testing Standards for Voting Before Budtending

Should budtenders be better?
Should budtenders be better? Westword
This week, our Stoner fielded a question from a consumer concerned that "budtenders know so little about cannabis and where it comes from," and asking whether they should be required to pass a test before getting a job.

Herbert Fuego responded that while salespeople "should know the basic and perhaps even detailed information about the products they’re selling," most dispensaries pay budtenders minimum wage and give them relatively little training...and a government-imposed test isn't the solution to that. With more than 200 stores in Denver, "you’re bound to come across a few wet blankets, especially at the tourist traps, so don’t let one apathetic budtender ruin a good time."

In their comments posted on the Westword Facebook page regarding clueless budtenders, readers offered other suggestions. Says Jody:
If you don't like the budtenders, just go to another store. In my experience, quality of conversation often reflects the quality of the weed.
Notes Anthony:
I don't think it matters. [Where] I used to work, the people at the top had little-to-no knowledge of marijuana. Hardly anyone smoked and if they did it was just a cartridge.
Wonders Graeme: 
Why do people want more regulation? Makes no sense. Leave that up to the business owners, most of who haven’t smoked. If you want knowledgeable people, support the mom-and-pop shops instead of corporate interests.
Responds Chris: 
It's because a majority of people rely on government, with the false belief that the government has their best interests at heart.
And Gerard concludes:
I'm all for higher standards — for everything. Let's apply that "We can't let dummies run this show" spirit far beyond just who we buy weed from. Let's start with who gets to vote.
What do you think of the budtenders around Denver? Do you have any favorites? Post a comment or share your thoughts with [email protected]
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