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Reader: Church Can't Debate Pot Until It Pays Taxes Like the Cannabis Industry

Reader: Church Can't Debate Pot Until It Pays Taxes Like the Cannabis Industry Stefanski
The Centennial Institute hosted an all-day symposium, Marijuana's Impact on Colorado, at Colorado Christian University on October 6, culminating in a debate between Centennial Institute director Jeff Hunt and cannabis attorney Robert Corry. But readers were already debating the CCU event before those two faced off. Says Jason:
 When the church pays the kind of taxes the cannabis industry does, then they can have a voice about it.
Adds Jen:
 Aren't there more important things to be arguing about? This world has bigger problems than marijuana. Move on and fight for something that actually harms people.
Comments Tim:
 Who's "we," Jeff Hunt? People for organized crime? Your taxes are lower because of marijuana. Your taxes are lower because people are traveling to your state instead of other states and spending their money.
Concludes Jared: 
Funny how Republicans want less government and more state's rights...right up until they want the government to tell people what they can put in their bodies and what women can do with theirs.
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