Welcome to the green oasis.
Welcome to the green oasis.
Lindsey Bartlett

Reader: Legalize Marijuana, and Colorado's Pot Problems Disappear

Colorado's cannabis industry got plenty of national attention in August, largely because of an op-ed that Jeff Hunt, vice-president of public policy at Colorado Christian University, wrote for USA Today headlined "Marijuana Devastated Colorado, Don't Legalize It Nationally." Our Thomas Mitchell took issue with that in his response, and readers agree that marijuana did not devastate Colorado. Except in one way, says Bill:

For buying marijuana, yes. For basically everything else, no.

Adds Leon:

Marijuana Legalization hasn't caused any problems in Colorado. People simply want to point fingers.

Responds Bill: 

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I wouldn't say the influx of hard money into Colorado real estate investment (because cash marijuana businesses have no other place to put it) has "ruined" the state. But it's made it more difficult for basically everyone to afford to live here. And if you weren't born with a silver spoon in your mouth, that's a serious problem. If I had to do it over again, I'd have voted no on 64. Simple as that.

Says Travis: 

There's an easy solution. Legalize nationwide.

Concludes Jack: 

Exactly. The only reason any of the problems are there is because Colorado has become an oasis in the desert. Make other areas green, too, and you ease or eliminate the problems.

Read more about the Jeff Hunt's op-ed below.

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What do you think of Jeff Hunt's campaign? His piece in USA Today?

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