Reader: Congrats, Colorado! Social Consumption Bill Is Freakin' Awesome!
Lindsey Bartlett

Reader: Congrats, Colorado! Social Consumption Bill Is Freakin' Awesome!

Although marijuana has been legal for recreational use since late 2012, after Colorado voters passed Amendment 64, proposals that would permit social consumption businesses have failed for six straight years in the Colorado Legislature. But on May 2, just a day before the session ended, House Bill 1230 was approved.

The long wait may have paid off for social consumption advocates: This bill is far more expansive than any earlier social use proposal, and will allow marijuana consumption in a variety of businesses...after the state works out the regulatory details, and local governments decide whether they want to participate in the program, and businesses in those municipalities are then licensed by the state.

Readers aren't waiting for all that before they weigh in. Says Kim:

 Ohhhh, no!! I don't want to smell weed in restaurants and hotels. This beautiful state is going downhill. Hope this nightmare will be over soon. Not against weed, just hate the smell of it.

Responds Brandy:

 Yes! Finally an opportunity for hotels and restaurants to expand their businesses! I’ve always wanted to have a cannabis cafe.

Counters Sherry: 

This is a bunch of crap!!!! The rights of smokers have been taken away from these establishments. Explain this please!!!!!

Notes Leon: 

It will only be allowed in businesses who choose to allow it. So what's the problem, exactly? You don't have to go to a business that allows it.

Adds Caly: 

I hope there's a list of these places somewhere when it happens so I know which to avoid.

Responds Annika: 

I'd much rather breathe in marijuana than choke on nicotine and cigarettes. And much rather have everything else smell like marijuana than cigarettes.

Says Galen: 

This entire state is going to shiiiiitt.

Replies Heather: 

Denver is a model city for the rest of the country.

Says Stephnnaay:

 Wow this is crazy... we are literally going to be getting a lot more transplants now?

Responds Michael: 

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The West is nothing but transplants, it always has been. Do you not remember how this country was formed in the first place? I'm sure the native population wasn't too happy about having their land taken from them then. Life moves on.

Concludes Levi: 

Congrats Colorado!!! Now, while this is freakin' awesome, let's not screw up a good thing. We're on the stage front and center, let's not mess it up!

Keep reading for more on social consumption:

Reader: Congrats, Colorado! Social Consumption Bill Is Freakin' Awesome!
Jacqueline Collins

"Marijuana Consumption and Hospitality Businesses Passes Legislature"

Under this bill, dispensaries would be able to apply for a tasting room license similar to the one used for breweries in this state, while businesses such as hotels, restaurants, music venues, art galleries and yoga studios could apply for private consumption licenses and limited pot sales. Social consumption businesses would have to apply for a license through the state Marijuana Enforcement Division, and would be exempt from the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act, a state law that bans public indoor smoking.

“In expanding access to regulated spaces for adults to consume cannabis, we are taking the responsible approach to cannabis consumption in a safe environment,” said Senator Vicki Marble, one of the bill's prime sponsors, in a statement after it passed. “HB 1230 protects the will of voters who asked for the freedom to choose marijuana as an alternative and to curb dealing and use in parks and on the street.”

The bill is now on Governor Jared Polis's desk.

Do you think he should sign it? What do you think of the bill overall? Post a comment or email your thoughts to marijuana@westword.com.

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