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Ask a Stoner: Have Extractors Become Colorado's Best Growers?

Shots fired.
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Dear Stoner: Remember when Colorado’s best growers were, you know, growers? Seems like all the best flower is coming from extraction brands nowadays.

Dear Twilighted:
Shots fired. While there are indeed talented growers in Colorado, let’s stay on the positive side of your complaint: Extraction brands that have branched into cultivation deserve praise. Green Dot Labs and 710 Labs dropped some of the most successful strains last year, and Single Source’s move into recreational flower was the best rookie campaign I’ve smoked in a while — and that was a hard achievement, considering it was GMO, which just about every grower in town has touched.

What do those companies have in common? They all make rosin from their internal cultivations and were already growing great weed before selling it to us. On the other end, Cherry, one of the better wholesale growers in Colorado, started making rosin in 2021, and it’s right up there with other popular rosin labels. Good flower and solventless extraction sort of go hand in hand culturally and commercially, since doing both doesn’t require a huge investment. Maybe this will make established flower brands step up their game.

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