Colorado Marijuana Sales Continue at Record Pace

Colorado's marijuana industry reached $1.3 billion in sales in 2016, and that's not showing any signs of slowing down. Earlier this month, the Colorado Department of Revenue released the sales data for March, and it showed that for the tenth consecutive month, marijuana sales had surpassed $100 million. March's total was a whopping $131.7 million, a new monthly record. And April's numbers are bound to be good, too, because that sales period includes 4/20.

In anticipation of more record-breaking stats, we decided to take a look back over the past year's sales.

February 2017: After Trump's inauguration, many feared the industry would suffer, but sales went up, to $126 million. Marijuana Business Daily theorized that once members of Trump's administration began talking about coming after states with legal marijuana, people started stockpiling. If so, they loaded up even more in March.

January 2017: The recreational industry turned three years old on January 1, and to celebrate, Colorado saw $109 million in sales that month — up from $88 million the previous January.

December 2016: The month's sales were good, but the big news was the total of sales in 2016: over $1.3 billion.

November 2016: The industry totaled $106 million in sales in November. That's a hefty number, but actually the lowest since the previous May.

October 2016: October's sales totaled $116.8, but that number was overshadowed as Colorado sales passed the $1 billion mark in just the first ten months of the year.

Keep reading for more sales data from 2016.

The scene inside Colorado Harvest Company in Aurora.EXPAND
The scene inside Colorado Harvest Company in Aurora.
Scott Lentz

September 2016: September's sales reached $127.8 million, a huge increase over $94.7 million the previous September.

August 2016: As summer wound down, the industry had its most profitable month to date, raking in $126 million.

July 2016: July sales reached $122 million — up from $96 million in July 2015.

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June 2016: June sales topped $111.6 million, starting a run of ten months of sales all passing the $100 million mark that hasn't ended yet.  Many attributed the bump to a new state law that increased the daily purchase limit for non-residents from a quarter of an ounce to one ounce.

May 2016: The Colorado cannabis industry made more than $98.6 million in sales in May, pushing the total take for the first few months to just over $486 million.

April 2016: Sales on 4/20 helped push the April total to $117.4 million, exceeding $100 million for just the third time since recreational sales started.

March 2016: At $88.93 million, sales in March 2016 were up 30 percent from the previous year, but still below the $100 million mark.

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