Colorado Medical Marijuana Delivery Bill Moves on to Next Committee

Senator Tim Neville, pushing pot delivery.
Senator Tim Neville, pushing pot delivery. @NevilleforCO
The Colorado Legislature is loaded up with marijuana measures this week, including proposals to establish pot clubs and to add PTSD to the list of patient ailments that can be treated with medical marijuana. And on March 8, the Senate Business, Labor and Technology committee approved Senator Tim Neville's bill to allow medical marijuana delivery systems for patients and businesses.

Senate Bill 17-192 calls for a state licensing authority to create an endorsement for existing medical marijuana licenses, permitting them to make deliveries to patients in need in areas where medical marijuana is currently sold.

"In today's fast-paced world, nearly all prescription medicine is available by delivery to suit patients needs," said Neville, a Republican from Jefferson County. "Addressing this crucial gap in access to patient-centered health care is just one of many ways Senate Republicans are working to improve quality health care for all Coloradans."

We'll see those other ways in the next two months of the session. As for SB 192, it now moves on to a vote of the finance committee.
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