Ask a Stoner: Do Any MMJ Doctors Care About More Than Money?EXPAND

Ask a Stoner: Do Any MMJ Doctors Care About More Than Money?

Dear Stoner: Are all MMJ doctors morose automatons? Any good recommendations for a reputable doc who will actually see me as a person?
Sister Sesh

Dear Sister Sesh: I hear ya, sister. We attended a cannabis 101 class for seniors at Balfour Senior Living in downtown Denver in August, and one of the residents reported some alarming experiences with medical marijuana doctors. A quadriplegic suffering from spinal cord neuropathy, rotator cuff pain and tendonitis, she said she went to a medical marijuana physician in 2011 for a recommendation and was basically pushed out the door after receiving a stamp of approval. She received virtually no guidance and had to experiment with products by herself. Sadly, her story isn’t uncommon.

Since I’m no longer a patient myself, I can’t give you a recommendation based on personal experience. However, I’ve heard good things about the service at Arrive Care Clinic in south Denver from friends and colleagues, to the point that I feel comfortable recommending its services. Also, I have family members who have visited Doc Morrison in Wheat Ridge, and they speak highly of Dr. Peter Pryor and his staff.

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