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Reader: Focus on Meth, Heroin and Opiod Addiction, Not Marijuana!

Reader: Focus on Meth, Heroin and Opiod Addiction, Not Marijuana!
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Colorado State University has expanded its addiction counseling program to include instruction on how counselors should deal with those addicted to marijuana — whether physically or emotionally. The deadline to apply for the master's program and psychology coursework for undergraduates is June 24, but readers are already weighing in. Asks Breann:

What about a program to help all these heroin addicts running rampant in the city? Meth, heroin and opiate abuse are an epidemic. Worry about fixing that.
Adds Rafael: 
Alcohol is addictive, let's ban it. Fast food is addictive, let's ban it. Painkillers are addictive, ban those, too. Or perhaps, the government should stay out of legislating morality... This from someone who doesn't partake, but defends those who do!
Marissa adds this: 
Government allows the MOST addictive substances to be readily available to the public. Caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, sugar, opioid medications, smart phones. Government doesn't care about the people. It cares about the deep pockets of very few.
Concludes Kevin: 
Good luck getting the government to leave morality alone!!!
What do you think about state universities studying marijuana?
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