Ask a Stoner: THC Beer and Wine Alternatives

Dear Stoner: I'm hosting a dinner party soon and would love to offer some booze-free cannabis alternatives. Any THC beer or wine you would recommend that is attainable?

Dear Mattie: Funny that you use the word "attainable." There are cannabis alternatives for beer and wine drinkers, but it's hard to find either in Colorado right now. Cannabis-infused wines are rare in dispensaries across the country, since most consumers would rather drink a soft drink if there's no alcohol involved. I've seen one brand making them in California, but there are no THC winemakers in Colorado currently.
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Ceria Brewing Company sells infused Belgian wit and IPA beers, but it needs a new can supplier in Colorado.
Ceria Brewing Company
Ceria Brewing's non-alcoholic, THC-infused Belgian wits and IPAs should be the easy answer for beer, but the Arvada-based cannabis brewery's products aren't sold in Colorado right now, either. The brewery, founded by Blue Moon Brewing Company creator Keith Villa, told the Denver Post that Ceria beers are only available in California at the moment because the company can't find a THC beverage packaging partner in Colorado, and shipping the products across state lines would be illegal. Until Ceria finds a fix, search for Hi-Fi Hops from Lagunitas Brewing. While the THC-infused sparkling waters aren't technically beer, they are flavored with hops and taste similar to ale.

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