Ask a Stoner: Which Colorado Town is "Coolest" With Weed?

Ask a Stoner: Which Colorado Town is "Coolest" With Weed?
Dear Stoner: I know a lot of towns have dispensaries, but which town in Colorado is the “coolest” with weed?

Dear Parakeet: The level of acceptance a Colorado community has for cannabis could be measured in several ways. The number of pot shops allowed in a town is one, and the Denver metro area is pretty full of those. Trinidad, in southern Colorado, probably takes the crown, though, with 26 dispensaries in a town of 8,000 people. But Trinidad recently chose not to allow social pot consumption, while Colorado Springs — a conservative town that bans recreational pot sales — currently allows at least two cannabis-friendly lounges to operate.
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Jacqueline Collins
Meanwhile, Boulder comes off as granola and hippie-friendly, but the local government has been slow to consider pot hospitality and delivery. Bottom line: It’s complicated, so if you want to feel the most comfortable with your weed-smoking habits, play the numbers and stick with Denver.

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