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Reader: Legal Pot Hysteria Is Ruining Colorado!

Reader: Legal Pot Hysteria Is Ruining Colorado!
Brandon Marshall
Commercial cannabis is legal within state lines, but things are different outside of our pot bubble. Two conservative organizations — the Marijuana Accountability Coalition and Smarter Approaches to Marijuana — recently joined forces to burst that bubble, issuing a report card that suggests that cannabis has hurt Colorado. But readers were quick to give the report card itself a failing grade. Says Kevin: 
Marijuana does not make or ruin a state or any environment: The people do. Colorado has some of the best people in the world, and that has nothing to do with weed...or maybe it's this joint that I'm smoking. ...
Replies Mark: 
It ruined the state, but who knew people would pack up and move across the country for legal weed. The tax money should have gone for roads!
Responds Ryan:
 It’s not really ruined it, but it sucks a lot that it’s one of few states with legalized marijuana. I had a dream to move there since I was a young kid visiting my aunt and uncle, and now as an adult after visiting a few times I really don’t want to move out there anymore.
But then there's this from Leon: 
I've been here forty years. The state is exactly the same.
Says Brandon: 
Oh, boy.... these folks don't have an agenda at all. And "Colorado Christian University"... more like Clown College.

But, seriously, they are upset about legal cannabis. We should take that seriously. And express our "thoughts and prayers" to them.
And Matt concludes: 
Legal pot hysteria is ruining Colorado.
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