Ask a Stoner: Could a Community Cannabis Garden Exist?

Dear Stoner: I love the idea of a community garden. How can I apply that mindset in marijuana cultivation without being outdoors in the neighborhood?
Professor Sprout

Dear Professor Sprout:
In theory, you could, but it’s too legally complicated and unfair to the plants. Colorado growing laws allow multiple adults to grow cannabis together under the same roof, but most towns and counties limit any household to growing no more than twelve plants at a time (unless you’re a medical patient with an extended plant count). Even if you did find a way around that limit or just didn’t care, that feel of a community garden probably wouldn’t translate.
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Jacqueline Collins
Cannabis has to be grown in a private area that's neither seen nor accessible by anyone under 21, forcing most cultivations indoors. You could test your community garden in a locked greenhouse, but then you'd have to deal with multiple growers in the same room. That’s a lot of different genetics, nutrients and growing techniques in one small space, as well as the risk of pollination. This cannabis project might simply be too much for a community to successfully take on. Still, if you can make it work, please report back

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