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Reader: I Miss Getting My Weed Measured by Fingers

Reader: I Miss Getting My Weed Measured by Fingers
Scott Lentz
A reader who's been smoking more and drinking less during the pandemic recently asked our Stoner whether he should buy pot by the ounce: "Will I save money, or just smoke faster?

By way of an answer, Herbert Fuego offered an old stoner saying: “I smoked 70 percent of my weed in three days, and 30 percent for the next seven.” He then suggested that the reader find a middle ground, divide his stash in several Mason jars, and attempt to exercise moderation.

But in their Facebook comments, some readers offered their own reasons for buying by the ounce, while others threw in a few throwback memories. Says Tim:
You save on gas and time not going to a weed store every day/multiple times a week.
Adds BreAnna: 
I don’t have to keep going back to the depo every other day. I’m sorry, but an eighth can’t last more than two days...not for me.
Notes Ronaldo:
The older you get, the better you get at making sure it lasts as long as it's supposed too. Plus, you have fewer bums coming over that you have to smoke out and more friends who bring some weed to smoke and share with you.
Recalls Mike:
That's something I miss about the '70s. The joy in buying an ounce of one of the rare strains, having the big bag stuffed in your sock.
Responds Kelly: 
I miss getting my weed measured by fingers...and somehow the dealer's fingers were always smaller than mine.
Comments Chef:
Imagine needing to read an article to discuss the pros and cons of picking up a zip instead of a gram.
And Jerod concludes:
Either way, you win.
How...and you buy your pot? Post a comment or email [email protected]
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