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Reader: Move 420 Rally Where It Feels the Love, Not Hate

Attorney Robert Corry with Miguel Lopez.
Attorney Robert Corry with Miguel Lopez. Michael Lopez
Miguel Lopez had earned the right of first refusal for Civic Center Park on April 20...until the city withdrew that privilege after this year's Denver 420 rally because of alleged violations. Although a hearing officer has yet to rule on Lopez's appeal of that action, the Denver Department of Parks and Recreation has already sent Lopez an application for the 2018 event — with a line that states, "due to the pending appeal, DPR reserves the right to cancel any dates or reservations." Even so, Lopez sees the application as a promising sign: "It may be a preservation of my right until the decision," he says. "But it still feels nice, and more comfortable, too."

Readers were quick to weigh in. Says Ter: 
They want to take the rally away from its Chicano organizers, let weed businesses buy and "sponsor" the rally, have city/tourism control and de-radicalize the whole thing like Pride.
 Responds Joe: 
420 should move their rally to a better place. Denver is a hater, take it to somewhere they are welcome and feel the love, not the hate. Denver just wants to ruin your high; go somewhere better. Have a stage and bands, food stands and everything. Go to a better county on better land, even private land.
And then there's this from Vanisha: 
We started the rallies to legalize weed. We went to the most public area, like by the Capitol, to make this point; now that it's legalized, we should take it away from such a public area. This way kids who walk down there don't get a cloud of weed smoke in their face and those who support weed but don't smoke don't have to get clouds of smoke in their face. It's not haters, it's common sense.
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