Five Types of Businesses That Could Have Pot Consumption Areas

Jacqueline Collins

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Arcades are a dark-horse candidate for social consumption areas.
Flickr creative commons/Cicada Strange
3. Arcades
Arcades weren't at the top of mind when social-consumption licenses were conceived, but there could well be one or more in Denver within the year. Denver business-licensing consultant Logan Goolsby says he represents two clients interested in opening businesses with pot-consumption areas, and at least one of them is considering an arcade as its occupation. However, it could be tough for a current arcade to obtain a consumption license: The rules require any consumption area to be 1,000 feet away from any school, child-care establishment, city park, pool or recreation center, and any establishment with a liquor license (something many adult arcades have) is banned from applying.

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An attendee of a Mason Jar dinner enjoys a bag of pot vapor at Space Gallery.
Lindsey Bartlett
4. Art Studios
Ever stare at an abstract painting and feel like you had to be high to understand it? You may soon get your chance. Similar to what they already do with small music shows and art showcases that feature alcoholic beverages for free with a "donation," art studios could bring cannabis consumption into the picture to loosen the inhibitions — and wallets — of uptight attendees. Some art studios already have experience with hosting pot-infused shindigs: Space Gallery was the site of a cannabis-pairing dinner by Mason Jar Events in April, and it's not the only gallery to throw such a private event.

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Restaurants with liquor licenses aren't allowed to have social-consumption areas.
Jacqueline Collins
5. Restaurants
Although most restaurants will be prevented from obtaining a social-consumption license because of the requirement that prevents establishments with liquor licenses from applying, there's still opportunity out there. Nonprofit restaurant group EatDenver hosted a seminar on cannabis-paired dinners for chefs and restaurateurs in June to help them better understand the laws and regulations behind social-consumption licenses and private events that feature cannabis.

During the seminar, attorney John Jennings had an interesting idea for restaurant owners who want a social-consumption area but also have a liquor license: "If a social-consumption area isn't allowed on the premises because it has a liquor license, then maybe you could modify the premises so that area is no longer part of your liquor license," he suggested.

It's been a month since the city said it was ready to accept social-consumption applications; so far, none have come in. But they will....
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