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Reader: Denver Actually Celebrates the Legalization of Marijuana

Waving the flag for tourism.
Waving the flag for tourism. Jacqueline Collins
Colorado was the first state in the country to legalize recreational marijuana, which inspired a wave of cannabis tourism. But in a recent letter to our Stoner, a would-be visitor wondered if it's still worth coming to town for cannabis.

"I’m visiting Denver soon and was told I can’t really smoke weed anywhere and can’t get weed delivered to my hotel, either," he wrote. "Is that true? Why do cannabis people even bother visiting anymore?"

In their comments on the Westword Facebook post of this Ask a Stoner column, readers have plenty of suggestions about the tourism trade — and the marijuana scene in general. Says Ellie:
God, I hope it has worn off. Too many people moved here and come here for this. And no, I’m not a non-smoker and don't hate it.
Suggests Mike: 
Colorado needs to get over itself. Everywhere I went, there were "4:20 Colorado" shirts, hats and stickers. I live in Chicago now and when Illinois legalized recreational, there weren't T-shirts in the stores on Michigan Avenue advertising it.
Responds Kimberly:  
That's because you don't live amongst of bunch of dunces. I've lived here thirty years and even people who live here, including natives, wear their 420 or even head-to-to Colorado gear. I find it dorky.
Counters Tillis:
That's because the movement and the culture behind it is not as dynamic as it is here in Denver! This city actually celebrates the legalization of marijuana. This place is the epicenter for marijuana — medical and recreational. We were the first state to legalize it.
But Brian notes:
Our weed sucks now. Everyone sold out to the mighty dollar.. don't believe me?Come spend more on something you will immediately regret.
Graeme adds:
Our weed is garbage. It’s overtaxed. The entire state is overly expensive. And we don’t even have a decent food scene to make up for all of that.
Concludes Helen:
 Even though some places suck, the fact that we have been legal for a while has created a different niche for people coming from states who don't have legal or those still in the beginning stages of legalization, where the state is still negative. It's a safe alternative in Colorado and people know that, and then you add all of Colorado benefits — it's a big yes.
For the record, our Stoner advises: "Get out, visit a dispensary and then tour the city — you’ll see why people continue to visit, and also see that it isn’t that hard to find a spot to consume your new souvenirs."

What do you think of marijuana tourism? Would you advise people to come to Colorado for cannabis? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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