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Reader: You Don't Realize How Good You Have It Until You Leave Colorado

La Conte's always has eighths for $25 or less.
La Conte's always has eighths for $25 or less. Scott Lentz
There's no question that cannabis prices are going down in Colorado...but what's happening to quality? Just in time for the weekend, Herbert Fuego listed Denver recreational dispensaries that can always be counted on for eighths at $25 or less. Readers were quick to offer their own favorites — Pig ’N' Whistle, Solace, THC the Health Center — as well as their opinions on what has happened to the quality of the herb. Says John:

It's been beautiful to watch. Capitalistic rules of the marijuana industry have increased competition, which has in turn spurred lower cost and better quality. My prediction: We are no more than ten years from the $5 dollar eighth.
Responds Mike: 
More like a race to the bottom. More money than skilled growers, and lower quality product equals lower prices. Ounces for under $200 is shit weed.
Adds John: 
It's a shame how the quality of cannabis in Colorado has plummeted to dirt weed and you all still flock to buy it cause it's cheap. It's legal have some damn standards people! No need to smoke crap!
But then there's this from Scott :
$25 is the high end of what I will pay for an eighth as a medical patient. Shop around,'s there. All over. You don't realize how good it is until you travel for a few months outside of Colorado... BRUTAL.
What do you think of the quality of marijuana in Colorado? The prices? Where do you buy?
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