Love Cake and Cookies Strains? Try These Denver Dispensaries.

Den-Rec's south location is quieter than the downtown store, but it still carries the same collection of Cookies and OG strains.
Den-Rec's south location is quieter than the downtown store, but it still carries the same collection of Cookies and OG strains. Google Maps screenshot
Marijuana stores aren't known for baked goods, but you might guess otherwise when scanning their menus. Colorful, sugar-coated strains with names like Wedding Cake, Mandarin Cookies, Do-Si-Dos and Gelato are some of Denver's most popular weed varieties, all descending from the ever-popular Girl Scout Cookies.

Although that strain is nearing a decade old and started going under more simplified aliases — like "GSC" or "Cookies," at several stores after the Girl Scouts of America threatened legal action — Girl Scout Cookies and its descendants have never been more in demand. For better or worse, a lot of tokers now associate potency and a rare sweet, doughy flavor with Cookies and Cake strains.

Some dispensaries have taken that notion seriously, stocking their shelves with everything from MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies) to Birthday Cake Kush. Here are fourteen Denver-area pot shops that always keep at least a handful of Cookies jars full.

Mighty Tree
2268 South Delaware Street

2117 Larimer Street

2042 South Bannock Street

The Joint
4745 West 38th Avenue

Wolf Pac
74 Federal Boulevard

2420 South Colorado Boulevard

A Cut Above
1911 South Broadway

Kind Meds
260 Santa Fe Drive

click to enlarge MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies) had a big 2019. - HERBERT FUEGO
MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies) had a big 2019.
Herbert Fuego
260 Broadway

Doctors Orders
1406 West 38th Avenue

House of Dankness
10555 East 45th Avenue

Oasis Cannabis Superstore
5440 West 44th Avenue

6359 East Evans Avenue

Laughing Grass
1110 West Virginia Avenue

Callie's Cannabis Shoppe
920 West 104th Avenue, Northglenn

Rocky Mountain High
Four metro dispensaries

The Peaceful Choice
7464 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder
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