Plants destroyed on July 27.
Plants destroyed on July 27.
Thomas Mitchell

Reader: In the Rush for Profit Over Quality, Lots of Junk Out There

On July 27, the Denver Department of Health and Environment issued the first recall for mold and mites to a Denver marijuana grower, and that day, Buddies Wellness LLC destroyed every plant in its grow, along with twenty pounds of flower. But while Buddies was the first to get a recall notice, readers think it won't be the last. Says Zac:

This is a good step in controlling what the consumer is ingesting. Probably won't have much impact on the places with money out the a$$/too big to fail...they are normally the spots that cut corners at every step in the process. But nonetheless, more regulation over pesticides and grow techniques, or lack there of, is not a bad thing.

Adds Zachary: 

They are just the first ones to get caught. I have bought concentrates before, got home and tried them out and could only taste mold and mildew. Lots of dispensaries blast bud they can't sell!

Rob agrees: 

Lots of junk out there. It's the rush for profit over quality.

Comments Tonya:

This is a good thing. It shows that regulation works. Keeps the standards high, safe.

But then there's this from Lexi: 

But no one is addressing the impact on the people exposed to this environment daily.

Do you think the city and state need to come down harder on bad grows/products? And is it time for them to pay attention to conditions for workers, too?

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