Ask a Stoner: Which Neighborhoods Have the Best Dispensaries?EXPAND

Ask a Stoner: Which Neighborhoods Have the Best Dispensaries?

Dear Stoner: Which Denver neighborhood has the best dispensaries? I want to take a friend on a "pot crawl" of some sort.

Dear Allie: Although the prices are dropping, sampling cannabis still isn't cheap, especially once concentrates and edibles enter the picture, so don't expect to visit more than a few stores.

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Verde Natural is located at 5101 East Colfax Avenue.EXPAND
Verde Natural is located at 5101 East Colfax Avenue.
Scott Lentz

Marijuana Deals Near You

Like everything else in the area, weed downtown is usually overpriced and only worth it if you’re on a date there or in a pinch. Federal Boulevard, South Broadway and East Colfax are all dense with dispensaries, and it doesn’t hurt that those stretches are filled with restaurants and bars, either. I prefer East Colfax’s dispensaries — the Clinic, Good Chemistry and Verde, in particular — to those on Federal and South Broadway. The pot shops on West 38th Avenue aren’t nearly as good as its dank eateries, but if you start at the Joint and head east from there, you’ll be in good hands.

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