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Reader: City Wastes Resources Busting People for Public Consumption

Undercover police officers busted six people for alleged public consumption.
Civic Center Park on April 20, 2018.
Civic Center Park on April 20, 2018. Kenzie Bruce
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While seventy people were cited for public consumption in Civic Center Park on April 20, Denver Police Department officers also cited consumers on the patio of the Cheba Hut on East Colfax Avenue...and gave the owner a citation, too, for "complicity." But where were the "complicity" citations for city officials, who manage Civic Center Park? And was this really a good use of DPD resources? Not according to Steve, who says:

Protecting the hell out of those sandwiches, and serving their corporate overlords.
Adds Johanna: 
Good thing there's absolutely nothing else going on in the city that those resources could have been used for. I know I feel safer now that those people smoking joints behind a business are off the streets. ????
Comments Leon: 
With this public consumption of Cannabis BS, we allow millions of bars to openly serve alcohol yet for some reason allowing the same for cannabis is frowned upon.
Responds Nicholas: 
Government is so 1985.
Concludes Jeff: 
Who was harmed ?
Who could've been harmed ?
Who died ?
When will this insanity of prohibition end?
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While the people cited for public consumption on April 20 work their way through the legal system, Cheba Hut faces bigger consequences. Not only was owner David Timmons cited for complicity, but Denver Department of Excise and Licenses communications director Eric Escudero confirms that his department is reviewing Cheba Hut's liquor license "for potential administrative actions as a result of marijuana public consumption violations documented on April 20."

The event at Cheba Hut did not promote on-site pot use in advertisements for its 4/20 event and was checking IDs at the door, but approximately six people started smoking pot on the back patio, Timmons says. "When I saw those IDs on the table, I didn't see any from Colorado," he adds. "A lot of out-of-towners don't understand the laws here."

Timmons is hoping the city will be more understanding. "I've never had any problems with the law," he says. "That location hasn't had any issues, either, so I don't expect anything to be harsh."

What do you think about the undercover operation at Cheba Hut? The complicity citation? The public consumption issue in general? Share your thoughts in a comment, or email [email protected].

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