Reader: Ridiculous to Let Us Buy Marijuana We Can't Use Anywhere
Brandon Marshall

Reader: Ridiculous to Let Us Buy Marijuana We Can't Use Anywhere

Last November, Denver voters approved Initiative 300, which will allow businesses to apply for social-consumption permits. But are the rules too restrictive? The city started accepting applications this week, and some members of the Social Consumption Advisory Committee, which met for months to discuss the proposed regulations, are already considering a lawsuit. In the meantime, the verdict is in from these readers. Says Diangelo:

They put so many rules and restrictions into the law that many places won't be able to obtain permits.

Adds Jay: 

The people voted for this. This should've happened already and the city is dragging its feet in implementing it. Enough! If the city doesn't respect the will of the voters, then the citizens have a right to implement without regard to any city/state restrictions. Light up when and where you feel like it.

Concludes Leon: 

It's ridiculous to allow adults to use and buy marijuana but not allow them to use it anywhere. We don't make people who drink only do it at home. Why should this be any different?

What do you think of Denver's rules for social-use consumption?

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