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Reader: Cannabis Is Legal in Colorado, We Don't Need a 420 Rally

William Breathes
This week the organizers of the Mile High 420 Festival announced the lineup for their inaugural event in Civic Center Park on April 20, which will include performances by Lil Wayne, Lil' John, the Original Wailers and Inner Circle, among others. But it won't include smoking or politics, unlike previous 420 events. Then again, some readers think the event's time is past. Says Joe: 
Cannabis is legal in Colorado. We've won. We don't need the 420 rally anymore. We certainly don't need the annual shit show of controversy.
Notes Tom: 
No smoking at this 420 party.
Responds Samuel: 
Is smoking weed ever really planned?
Concludes Christopher: 
The Denver police present 420 at the park. Enjoy a free concert and a ticket. It's so not 420 it ain't even cool anymore.
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