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Reader: The People of Denver Should Stop Whining About 4/20

The city has issued a permit for Civic Center Park for April 20, so it looks like the show will go on in 2018. But what kind of show will it be? This week Teague Bohlen offered some suggestions for the next Denver 420 Rally; readers have plenty of their own ideas. Says Bill:
LOL #5 and #4 would be nice, but the rally doesn't get to make all those decisions. And couches? The rally had rain and snow the last couple of years.. i love the idea, though. Heart's in the right place and all.
Adds Mickey: 
The ghost of Bob Marley and I want a lava lamp, too!
Suggests Langston: 
I'd first like to see people in Denver stop being such little whiny bitches about 4/20 fests.
Responds Jeremy:
 Just fucking smoke at home in peace. The 420 rally is nothing but a huge cash grab for the worst kinds of tie-dye wearing tourist bros that come through our city every year.... I work in the cannabis industry and I believe we need places to smoke publicly. Just not giant corporate events that are more about cash-grabbing than progress or ending nation-wide prohibition, resulting in our public parks getting absolutely trashed.

Plus, cops write several citations every single year at that event for public consumption. You're not as free to smoke up there as you think.
Concludes Nicholas: 
Denver voters approved marijuana consumption in bars/restaurants/music venues one year ago. So where are they? The City and State did everything they could to undermine the voters, squash the initiative, and our leaders are complicit. Until they give us what we want, I'll be at the park.

The most unsightly trash is INSIDE the Capitol and City Hall.
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420 Rally Organizers' Appeal Denied; Permit to Change Hands

After Miguel Lopez and the rally's original organizers were prohibited from getting the April 20, 2018, permit for Civic Center Park; the city opened the process. Euflora employees had camped out for more than a week in hopes of getting it, but lost out to a Lopez ally.

But the debate isn't over yet; watch for an update from Euflora next week.

In the meantime, what do you think about Denver's annual rally on April 20? Share your thoughts in a comment, or email [email protected]
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