Ask a Stoner: Discreet Edibles for Road Trips

Ask a Stoner: Discreet Edibles for Road Trips
Dear Stoner: I’m heading off on a family vacation, and definitely need some help relaxing during the road trip. What are the most subtle edibles you can recommend?

Dear Griswold: If you’re traveling through different states, hiding your weed from the cops is even more important than hiding it from your family. Fortunately, parents (or, better yet, a grandmother) are good distractions for sniffing cops outside of Colorado, but you’re not the first person looking for discreet ways to get high around family.

click to enlarge Classic candies are still easy edible options for travelers. - JACQUELINE COLLINS
Classic candies are still easy edible options for travelers.
Jacqueline Collins
Dispensaries might as well have an aisle made for products intended for subtlety, even if we’re not counting vapes. You can find THC-infused mints, gummies, lollipops, pills, hot chocolate and even ranch dip (not subtle, but American) at dispensaries. Most of the candies are pretty easy to hide after removing them from their original packaging — just make sure Mom doesn’t grab your faux Ice Breakers case. Every 10-milligram morsel will have a “THC” warning stamp on it, so keep them out of sight. You can also buy THC powders and concentrated liquids for mixing into drinks; both are small and easy to hide. Keep the windows down if you feel trouble brewing inside of you, though: I’ve been exposed by a skunky fart more than once.

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