Reader: Stoners Were a Casualty of the Cultural War on Drugs

Reader: Stoners Were a Casualty of the Cultural War on Drugs
As this spooky season continues, consuming cannabis and watching a frightening film remain a favorite activity. But do stoners always die first in a horror movie? That's what one reader suggested in a recent message to our Stoner, who responded:

"Horror movies try to reflect current culture, and smoking weed in a movie is no longer confined to the Spicolis and Slaters of the big screen. Sure, puffing a doob can still fall into the sinful world of sex, drugs and alcohol, all of which are quick ways to die in a slasher flick, but it’s no longer a big target. In ’80s gore-fests like Friday the 13th, hotboxing a van was a clear marker that someone was about to get stabbed. It still sort of is — Hollywood likes to kill off sexually promiscuous and substance-abusing teens early — but now you’re seeing protagonists smoke weed and live, and that’s a win for me."

In their comments on Facebook, readers offered their own answers to the question of whether stoners die first.
Agrees Joe:
Casualties of a cultural War on Drugs.
Responds Raziel:
Since when? Usually it's the Black character who goes first, or the really trampy character.
Notes David:
not in the Cabin in the Woods....
Points out Nick:
Shaggy survived in Scooby Doo....
Concludes Gregory:
Somebody somewhere insisted that all slasher films are supposed to have this "formula" that, in reality, only the SEQUELS had. The originals weren't super-gory, every scene wasn't tits and ass, and just because one or two of the characters smoked a joint (A joint), suddenly, everyone's insisting that was in there for a reason and put it in every 2nd-Gen slasher film and sequel from '85 on. It's ruined most horror films for me. If they're saturated with tits, gore and wasted youth: Probably not much else to it and probably also went straight-to-video.

The true "classics" never needed it. Which is why they're.......classics.
What are your favorite horror movies? Who lives? Do stoners die? Post a comment or email [email protected]
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