Ask a Stoner: What's the Best 4/20 Route for Driving Across Colorado?EXPAND

Ask a Stoner: What's the Best 4/20 Route for Driving Across Colorado?

Dear Stoner: We’re driving through Colorado on our trip to the Grand Canyon, and we want to stop at a few marijuana hotspots and take in your state’s resource. Please guide me.

Dear Preston: You’re probably driving east through Colorado on one of two interstates: I-70 or I-76. The vast majority of eastern Colorado towns and counties have banned retail cannabis sales; other than a shop in Sedgwick, in the northeastern corner, and a few in Log Lane Village (a small town off I-76), you won’t come across any real commercial pot experience along either interstate until you get close to metro Denver.

Denver has no shortage of dispensaries to choose from.EXPAND
Denver has no shortage of dispensaries to choose from.
Scott Lentz

Denver is the state’s recreational-cannabis hub, with pot dispensaries seemingly on every corner in some parts of town; you’ll also find cannabis-related tours and events here. It’ll be harder to choose where to shop and what to do than it will be to find cannabis experiences. If you take I-25 south from Denver, you’ll find lively scenes in Pueblo and Trinidad, and U.S. 285 will take you through Durango, Pagosa Springs and Mancos, all of which have a legal cannabis scene. But if you’re continuing west on I-70, the pickings will be pretty slim, though there are a few mountain towns with dispensaries. Find a list of dispensaries outside the metro area at on our marijuana page.

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