Ask a Stoner: Can I Drive Through Oklahoma Safely Now?EXPAND

Ask a Stoner: Can I Drive Through Oklahoma Safely Now?

Dear Stoner: Can I rest easier when I drive through Oklahoma now that it has legalized medical marijuana? Would my MMJ card work out there?

Dear Peanut: We’ve received our fair share of tips and emails from Coloradans claiming to be profiled by law enforcement and subject to searches in neighboring states because of their license plates, and Oklahoma is no exception. So imagine our surprise when Oklahoma’s voters approved a wide-ranging medical marijuana law in June. Unfortunately, it’s still not advisable to drive into Oklahoma with weed and assume all is good.

Ask a Stoner: Can I Drive Through Oklahoma Safely Now?
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For starters, Oklahoma’s approved MMJ measure still has some details to work out. State lawmakers and regulators are currently fighting over how broad the program will be, how edibles will be regulated and other policy matters. The state hasn’t began accepting applications from potential MMJ patients yet, and even when the system is up and running, your Colorado MMJ card won’t be valid there, as Oklahoma’s laws don’t allow reciprocity. But once the program really gets going there, maybe Oklahoma police won’t be as uptight about Colorado plates.

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