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Reader: Legal Cannabis Saved Me From Opioids!

Reader: Legal Cannabis Saved Me From Opioids!
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While opioid deaths are increasing around the country, advocates suggest that legal marijuana has the potential to combat America's opioid crisis. But in a recent letter sent to legislators in states with forms of legal marijuana, drug-prevention organization Drug Free America says that pot use is associated with an increased risk of abusing prescription opioids and warns against using medical marijuana to treat opioid-use disorder.

But our readers throw the flag on that play. Says Desarae: 
That's total Bs. You know who exploits it? Pharmaceuticals, FDA and the U.S. government.
Adds Jeremy: 
Surely, no bias in this study. Let them know that correlation does not equal causation. I used opiates medically for chronic pain for seven years. I moved to Colorado ten years ago and within three years cannabinoids had reduced my need for opiates to control chronic pain down to zero.
Notes Timothy: 
Weird. I dab every day and have zero inclination to use any opioid. When will I be studied?
Responds Tony: 
I was just thinking that I’ve never once been in a sesh and thought, hey some oxy would be nice! 
Recalls Scott: 
I almost died from opiate pills. Kratom and cannabis saved my life. It most certainly takes people down from real drugs; it doesn't send you to them. Which came first, the opiate dependence or the cannabis use used to step back from the pills or heroin? I don't know anyone that gatewayed in with cannabis, but I know many that used cannabis as part of their exit strategy.
Concludes Sher: 
FAKE NEWS!! STOP THE LIES!!! Those that have addictive habits will lick the floor of a public bathroom if they think they will get high!!!

Westurd writer, YOU SUCK!!
Keep reading for more on opioids and marijuana.

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"Opioid Hospitalization Rates Lower in States With Legal Medical Marijuana"

But despite opposing evidence, the DFA suggests that people are losing sight of the big picture. "The marijuana lobby is pushing states to expand medical marijuana access to include opioid use disorders. The evidence that increased access to marijuana has reduced opioid overdose deaths, however, is weak and shortsighted," the DFA letter reads.

Critics of the DFA point to studies that show marijuana may play a role in declining opioid deaths in states with legal pot laws.

What do you think of the DFA letter? Do you think legalized marijuana would cut down on opioid use? Post a comment or email your thoughts to [email protected]

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