Ask a Stoner: Will Smoking Weed When I Visit Colorado Get Me Fired?EXPAND

Ask a Stoner: Will Smoking Weed When I Visit Colorado Get Me Fired?

Dear Stoner: If I get high in Colorado and go back home to a state where it’s illegal, could I get into trouble if I have to do a drug test?
Jim B.

Dear Jim: I hope you’re asking me this before you visit Colorado and not after, Jimbo. The company that laid out its drug policies when you agreed to the job could not care less if weed’s been legalized in a state you’ve visited. When it comes to their employees, many Colorado companies don’t care that weed’s been legalized here — even medically. Private corporations can draft rules banning whatever recreational drugs they want, legal or illegal.

Best Lock Company, a door hardware and lock manufacturer in Indiana, gained attention in the ’90s and ’00s for firing employees for social drinking. Think of Colorado marijuana like free speech: Your use of it is protected from the local government by the state constitution, but that constitution can’t always protect you from a square boss.

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