Ask a Stoner: I Need Healthier Edibles for My Post-WorkoutEXPAND

Ask a Stoner: I Need Healthier Edibles for My Post-Workout

Dear Stoner: I enjoy a good edibles high after exercising, but I don’t always have the stomach for sweet treats and candies after a run. Anything tamer I can eat?
Runner’s High

Dear Runner: Candies and chocolates account for about two-thirds of edibles sales, according to commercial marijuana data firm BDS Analytics, so finding a dispensary with all the pieces of the food pyramid can be difficult. Most chain-like shops will be heavy on sweets, but you could try an infused drink if you can handle the sugar. They come in multiple doses now and are more refreshing than you’d think. Drink one with twenty minutes left in your run and it’ll kick in shortly after you’re done.

I’ve also seen infused cheese crackers from Love’s Oven, jerky from Cannabis Queen, unflavored pills from Mary’s Medicinals and Stratos — as well as anything from pizza to honey with pot in it. The pills are the only item consistently on dispensary shelves, though, so it’s smart to look at online menus or call ahead before you head to a store.

My top recommendation, though, would be making your own infused butter or olive oil and custom-creating edibles to your own taste.

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