Ask a Stoner: I Can't Find My Favorite Edibles

Ask a Stoner: I Can't Find My Favorite Edibles
Dear Stoner: I was looking for a specific type of edible candy last weekend. I couldn’t find it after trips to several dispensaries, even though all of these places had the edible I wanted listed on their website. Why is it so hard to find my favorite pot products? It’s like that with vape cartridges and drinks, too.

Dear J.: Dispensary websites have more cobwebs of misinformation than any other line of business I’ve come across. Many of them are broken clocks and should not be trusted. On top of that, the business is filled with companies that have inconsistent supply and run out of product overnight. There are a few brands on the edible and concentrate sides, like O.Pen Vape, Dixie and Incredible’s, that you can depend on to always be around, but just as many are liable to disappear overnight.

click to enlarge Some brands are more consistent than others. - JACQUELINE COLLINS
Some brands are more consistent than others.
Jacqueline Collins
Dispensary menu sites such as Leafly or Weedmaps tend to be more accurate than most store’s websites, and they’ll tell you how long ago the menu was updated — but even the update systems are poorly managed at most pot shops. My advice would be to search Google with the name of edibles you like, then call nearby dispensaries that allegedly have them to make sure they really do.

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