Ask a Stoner: How Do I Find the Strongest Pot?

Dear Stoner: How can I easily request the highest-potency strains of product? I know concentrates are all strong, but which strains?
John M.

Dear John: Luckily for you, this is still a potency-driven industry. While many regular users in Colorado, including myself, have been clamoring for aromatic, delicious strains without such high THC content, our pleas have largely gone ignored. But that makes for an easy shopping experience on your first visit to a dispensary, because budtenders are trained to have their most potent products at the ready when asked for a suggestion.

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Strongest doesn't always mean best on the strain menu.
Scott Lentz
The packaging of every commercial cannabis product in Colorado must include potency data. That means the percentages of THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA and CBN all must be visible if the compounds are present, so you’ll have some idea of what to expect when consuming. Some strains, like Gorilla Glue or Ghost Train Haze, can reach THC percentages in the high 20s – but don’t put all your eggs in the potency basket. The type of effect you’re going for is more important. Some strong sativas can cause anxiety and paranoia, while powerful indicas can put you to bed before you know it. Tell the budtender what type of high you’re looking for first, then tackle potency.

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