Reader: How Long Before Government Quits Lying to Us About Cannabis?

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A month before the five-year anniversary of Colorado voters passing Amendment 64, the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area released volume five in its ongoing series, "The Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado." Like past reports on this subject issued the clumsily named RMHIDTA, this report was neither objective nor peer-reviewed, according to NORML's Paul Armentano, who suggested that politicians, reporters and other view it with a skeptical eye. And these readers agree. Says Jimmy: 
The Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area has devolved into nothing but an anti-cannabis propaganda outlet. Nothing this group of LEO's says can be trusted to be anything but lies.
Adds Devon: 
The Rocky Mountain HIDTA does not mention their conflict of interest, that in time they stand to lose a very large share of their funding with the legalization of cannabis. Once again their annual report should be considered nothing but propaganda.
Concludes Ben:
I am 61 and have been consuming cannabis off and on for over 43 years. I am a husband, father, electrical engineer, successful business owner, musician, community volunteer and marathon runner. I never use alcoholic beverages or tobacco products. My health is excellent, and my memory is intact. I vaporize cannabis: no smoke, no smell, no problems. I finished the Big Sur Marathon in April first-place in my division (TYVM) with a finish time of 3 hours, 25 minutes and 8 seconds.

I'm just one of millions of Americans seeking the healthiest pathways forward in all aspects of my life. How long before the government quits lying to us and admits that cannabis is far safer than alcoholic beverages or tobacco?

Legalize, regulate and tax!
What do you think of the RMHIDTA's report? What effect do you think legalization has had on Colorado?
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