Ask a Stoner: Can I Fly In-State With Weed?

Ask a Stoner: Can I Fly In-State With Weed?
Dear Stoner: I’m flying home from Denver to Grand Junction for Christmas, and there are no dispensaries out there. Since I’m traveling from Colorado to Colorado, can I take weed with me?

Dear Claudia: In theory, you should be able to, but the feds still control the skies, unfortunately. Even at regional airports, you have to go through TSA, which is a federal entity. If TSA agents find your pot — and that’s a big if, because they’re not looking very hard these days — they’ll likely ask you to dispose of it or call local law enforcement. But this is where it gets even weirder: Since the local law enforcement officials that TSA would call are in a jurisdiction with legal weed, they can’t do much other than tell you not to fly with it, and maybe issue you a citation.
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If you’ll be home for more than a couple of days, why not just make the drive to Palisade or De Beque for some retail pot? Or hit up your high school weed dealers: Trust me, at least one of them is still around.

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