Ask a Stoner: How Can I Avoid the Munchies?

Ask a Stoner: How Can I Avoid the Munchies?
Dear Stoner: Is there any way I can get high without getting the munchies? It's like I lose all self-control after a few hits.

Dear Shirley: Hungry, happy and sleepy are the most common side effects of cannabis, and it's hard to avoid any of those three unless you microdose or start getting scientific. Strains high in THCV — Durban Poison, Cookies strains, Jack Herer, Moby Dick or Tangie — have been shown to make consumers less hungry than other strains, but anyone with a low tolerance will likely still end up with the munchies, because THCV isn't present at very high levels in flower. Extractors have been trying out THCV concentrates as of late, though, so maybe your dispensary has some in stock.

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Jacqueline Collins
But first, try taking steps prior to getting high to protect you from yourself. Eat a full meal before toking, then rid the kitchen of junk food, and stay focused on activities instead of sitting in front of the TV and grubbing the f*ck out. In fact, avoid sedentary situations, and maybe your cholesterol won't be as high you are anymore.

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