Green Man Cannabis Issues Recall Due to Pesticide ResidueEXPAND
Scott Lentz

Green Man Cannabis Issues Recall Due to Pesticide Residue

On Thursday, January 19, GMC LLC, or Green Man Cannabis, issued a voluntary recall of its bud and other marijuana products, "due to the presence of potentially unsafe pesticide residues."

There have been no reports of illnesses, and only products at two Green Man Cannabis stores were affected: at 1355 Santa Fe Drive and 7289 East Hampden Avenue, both in Denver.

Check your purchases for the label listing any of these OPC License numbers: 403-00738, 403-00361 or 403R-00201, which are subject to the recall and should be disposed of or returned to the store at which they were purchased.

Denver's Department of Environmental Health is investigating the issue and overseeing the recall process.

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