Ask a Stoner: Growing Hemp in My Basement

Ask a Stoner: Growing Hemp in My Basement

Dear Stoner: Can I grow hemp in my basement? Would there be any different laws around it or equipment I'd need rather than for a regular weed grow?

Dear Allen: Since the passage of the Farm Bill in late 2018, hemp is now federally legal to farm in states that choose to allow it, and most have. In most states, though, it’s still illegal to grow hemp in your basement unless you have a license from your state department of agriculture. But Colorado — which approved growing hemp after voters legalized recreational marijuana and Congress approved the 2014 version of the Farm Bill, giving states the right to grow hemp for research purposes — hasn’t had laws that align with the feds for some time, and you can grow hemp at home here.

Home-growers have their own way of doing things.
Home-growers have their own way of doing things.
Danielle Lirette

You just need to treat hemp plants like the six recreational cannabis plants that adults 21 and up are allowed to have in Colorado. The setup will still have to be enclosed and private from public view, as with weed grows, and the light setup and feeding are pretty much the same, depending on if you’re growing for fiber and seed or for CBD. (With only six plants, it’d make more sense to grow for CBD.) One major warning, though: If you ever plan to grow weed in your basement again, strongly reconsider, because the plants will be at risk of pollination for a very long time after the hemp is gone.

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