Ask a Stoner: Will the City Inspect My Home Grow?

Ask a Stoner: Will the City Inspect My Home Grow?

Dear Stoner: Is there a program where you can have the City of Denver or the police come to your residence to confirm that your grow is up to code before potentially getting busted for an illegal operation? I'd like to keep my house.
Grow, Don’t Show

Dear Grower: Growing cannabis at home has been legal in Colorado for over five years, but there’s still a lot of confusion surrounding the rules. While some town and county rules differ from the state’s, Denver’s home-grow laws align with Colorado’s. Those are laid out for easy consumption by the State of Colorado, and you can also learn more about Denver’s interpretation of those laws by emailing questions to marijuanaInfo@denvergov.org.

But that’s about as much help as you’ll get.

Home-growers have their own way of doing things.EXPAND
Home-growers have their own way of doing things.
Danielle Lirette

According to the Denver Police Department, “Denver is not currently equipped to do inspections of local home grows. The rules are simple to follow.” And for the most part, the DPD is right. You can have six plants per 21-and-up adult in your home (twelve plants max), with only half of those plants allowed to be in their flowering stages at any given time. And all plants must be kept in an enclosed, locked space, which means four walls and a ceiling (you’ll need a greenhouse if you want to grow outside). Anything beyond that, and you could get in trouble. We might not like the limit, but the rules are pretty clear.

Send questions to marijuana@westword.com.

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