Toke or Treat: Halloween Deals at Denver Dispensaries

Altitude the Dispensary is offering deals on Koda products this weekend. Just don't get high under a full moon.
Altitude the Dispensary is offering deals on Koda products this weekend. Just don't get high under a full moon. Jacqueline Collins
With Colorado in the midst of a COVID-19 spike, it's safe to say that many of us will spending the weekend indoors. And whether you're trying to enjoy a horror movie or forget the fact that you've wasted a rare Saturday Halloween this year, cheap weed is here to help.

This weekend promises discounts at dozens of dispensaries in the Denver area, so we've listed every deal we could find around town. Happy Halloweed!

Fair warning: Some of these prices don't include tax and/or require coupons to redeem (pick up a Westword or print out our e-edition for those), and the deal dates and supplies vary at each dispensary. When in doubt, call ahead to get the most up-to-date details.

7739 East Colfax Avenue

$10 off 2 grams of any concentrate (except rosin)
$10 off 2 100-milligram edibles
$5 off any vape cartridge (except Cookies)
2 grams of wax or shatter for $25 (med only)
2 grams of live resin for $35; 20 grams for $350 (med only)
20 grams of wax or shatter for $250;1 ounce for $350 (med only)

Altitude the Dispensary
Three metro locations
Two Kodo vape cartridges for $50
Buy one Kodo edible, get another for 50 percent off

5433 Quebec Street, Commerce City
$69.99 ounces
$12.99 and $18.69 eighths
$24.93 exotic strains
$10.13 grams of wax (5 grams for $48.30)
$13.24 infused pre-rolls
$7.01 N'Fuzed gummies
500-milligram vape cartridges for $10.13
An eighth of flower, 1 gram of wax and a 100-milligram edible for $39.99

Buddy Boy
Seven metro locations
$100 ounces
$55 half-ounces
$35 quarter-ounces
$20 eighths
$8 grams

Bud Bum
1325 South Inca Street
$112 ounces
100-milligram gummies for $18
$31.20 shake ounces
$10 one-gram blunts
8 grams of wax or shatter for $135
1-gram vape cartridges for $35
$30 Veritas eighths (med only)
Three 1,000-milligram edibles for $85 (med only)
Seven pre-rolls for $7 (med only)
500-milligram vape cartridges for $11 (med only)
1-gram vape cartridges for $17 (med only)

Cross Genetics
Three metro locations

$83.39 ounces
$9.53 grams of wax
8 grams of hash for $71.31 or $95.31
$30.18 grams of diamonds and terp sauce
500-milligram vape cartridges for $16 ($13 for medical patients)
$13.50 caviar cones  ($12 for medical patients)
100-milligram gummies for $9.75
$10 grams of moon rocks (med only)
$350 ounces of wax or shatter (med only)
$420 ounces of live resin (med only)

Denver Dispensary
4975 Vasquez Boulevard

$160 ounces
8 grams of wax or shatter for $100
Eight 100-milligram edibles for $100
Eight pre-rolls for $25

Five metro locations

Buy one package of Dixie tarts, get another 50 percent off

Ganja Gourmet
1810 South Broadway
$80.22 and $120.72 ounces
$12.71 and $20.65 eighths
$12.70 grams of wax or shatter (8 grams for $95.31)
$15.09 grams of moon rocks ($39.71 eighths)
500-milligram vape cartridges for $14.30
Deals on various edibles
Bulk concentrate and moon rocks deals for medical patients

Good Meds (med only)
8420 West Colfax Avenue, Lakewood
3431 South Federal Boulevard, Englewood
$94.99, $114.99 and $124.99 ounces
Member pricing for first-time visitors with mention of Westword ad

Golden Meds Superstore
1410 South Santa Fe Drive

$45 half-ounces
$15 grams of live resin
$9 and $10 edibles
$32 Veritas eighths (med only)
1,000-milligram gummies for $28 (med only)

Green Depot
2020 South Broadway

$39 ounces of shake and trim
$15 grams of wax or shatter
500-milligram vape cartridges for $20
$7 pre-rolls
100-milligram gummies for $13.50

Green Dragon
Ten metro locations

$44 quarter-ounces
1 gram of wax for $14.99
500 milligram vape cartridge for $19.99
100-milligram gummies or chocolates for $14.99

Green Sativa
8411 North Pecos Street H, Federal Heights
$100 ounces
$12 grams of wax or shatter
$7 pre-rolled hemp blunts
Three pre-rolled joints for $15 (medical patients get one extra pre-roll)
$15 vape cartridges

The Green Solution
Fifteen metro locations

8 grams of shatter for $120
Nine 80-milligram edibles for $89.95
50 and 55 percent off select vape cartridges (must be bought in quantities of sixteen)

The Health Center
Three metro locations
$99 ounces
$55 half-ounces
4 grams of wax or shatter for $55
4 grams of live resin for $69
$120 for a half-ounce of flower and 4 grams of live resin
30 percent off select edibles
$8 CBD eighths (med only)
25 percent off apparel

Herbal Alternatives
2568 South Broadway

$20 grams of wax or shatter
$110 ounces (med only)

Life Flower Dispensary
4966 Leetsdale Drive, Glendale

$110 ounces
Two for $25 on select edibles
8 grams of live resin for $200
Buy two Wyld gummies, get one free
50 percent off merchandise

Nine metro locations
Two 1-gram vape cartridges for $35
$100.64 and $106.18 ounces (med only)

2001 South Broadway

1630 Federal Boulevard
$125 ounces
$25 grams of live resin
Buy one 1-gram vape cartridge, get a 500-milligram cartridge for $1
Buy one package of Wana gummies, get another for $1

Little Brown House (med only)
1995 South Broadway
20 grams of wax for $300
$850 ounces of Viola live resin
300-milligram cake pops for $25
250-milligram gummies for $15

LivWell Enlightened Health
Eleven metro locations
$99 ounces
$20 grams of shatter
Five pre-rolls for $30
25 percent off select vape cartridges
25 percent off Incredibles products
15 percent off Full Melt caramels
Three 300-milligram vape pens for $50
Buy two Willie's Reserve vape cartridges, get a free battery.

5385 Quebec Street, Commerce City
$13 grams of wax
$19 grams of nug-run wax
$90 and $140 ounces ($120 ounces of any strain for medical patients)
Buy an eighth, get another for $1
$9 N'Fuzed gummies
500-milligram vape cartridges for $13 (med only)
1,000-milligram edible for $40.49 (med only)
1-gram vape cartridges for $25 (med only)

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