Ask a Stoner: Are Hash Pens the New Brown Paper Bags?

Ask a Stoner: Are Hash Pens the New Brown Paper Bags?

Dear Stoner: Do you really think you’re fooling us with those hash pens? It’s pretty easy to notice the smaller cartridges and all the coughing compared to an e-cigarette.

Dear Trent: We’re fooling the people who’d care — besides you, apparently. And that’s all that matters.
When uptight folk and the average police officer or TSA agent begin recognizing hash pens for what they actually are, we’ll start worrying. Until then, we’ll keep rippin’ along in public places and restrooms — hopefully while showing some level of respect for others.

Nothing to see here. Move along.
Nothing to see here. Move along.

Think of hash pens as our brown paper bag. Didn’t you see Major Colvin’s epic speech on The Wire on letting us drink — or smoke — whatever the fuck we want as long as it’s contained? If David Simon doesn’t how to handle this issue, then nobody does. Anyone hitting a pen in a restaurant or on the light rail is an asshole, but if I’m doing it outside and not blowing it in your face, leave me alone.

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