Ask a Stoner: Is Any Eighth of Weed Worth $60?

Ask a Stoner: Is Any Eighth of Weed Worth $60?
Dear Stoner: Is any eighth worth $60 right now? I don’t care what’s on the package.

Dear Channing: Hate to become the stoner philosophizer, but isn’t “worth” a relative term? An eighth is worth what people are willing to pay for it. My college roommate would say something similar when he charged rich Chads and Beckys at parties in Tempe $20 for pinner joints. We used to think they paid it because they didn’t know anyone else who sold weed, but the truth is that they just didn’t care that they were being ripped off, because $20 was nothing to them.
click to enlarge Legal marijuana, where prices may vary. - SCOTT LENTZ
Legal marijuana, where prices may vary.
Scott Lentz
Since the breeder’s recent debut in Colorado, official Cookies strains have garnered resentment among old-school stoners for their high price tags. It’s hard not to sympathize: Anyone who’s been buying weed for more than a few months — let alone someone who’s grown it — would rather go dry than spend $60 for an eighth of bud. But that resentment isn’t shared by hype beasts, novices and ballers, who all wanted Cookies so bad that the strains sold out at most dispensaries within a few days. So whose fault is this, really?

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