Ask a Stoner: How Should a Marijuana User Approach COVID Symptoms?

Ask a Stoner: How Should a Marijuana User Approach COVID Symptoms?
Dear Stoner: What should a cannabis consumer do when he gets COVID? Switch to edibles? Stop altogether?

Dear Derrick: Ask a doctor and look inward. Despite what a dorm-room shaman might say, stoners aren’t able to diagnose each other. This virus has short- and long-term effects that impact us differently. Anyone whose immune system is battling COVID probably shouldn’t smoke anything — and who knows how edibles or other cannabis products would impact how your body fights COVID-19? (Although one National Institutes of Health study showed that human patients previously taking CBD had significantly lower SARS CoV-2 infection incidence relative to the general population, that study hasn’t been peer-reviewed yet, and there’s more research to be done.)
Here’s the only advice I’d feel comfortable giving: If you’re dealing with COVID symptoms and don’t depend on medical marijuana for serious medical issues, then consider taking a break from consumption as you fend off the virus. If you’re a medical patient, call your doctor immediately.

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