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Reader: Your Medical Rights Are Being Eroded by the Almighty Dollar

New rules mean new policies at local dispensaries.
Scott Lentz
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Colorado's cannabis rules are changing, again, and one of the new regulations is having a major impact on medical marijuana dispensaries. As Thomas Mitchell reports in "No Longer Needed for Inventory, Dispensary Caregiver Benefits Are Fading," the vertical-integration rule that required medical dispensaries to grow at least half of the cannabis they sold expired, and the number of plants they can grow is no longer tied to the number of patients that designate dispensaries as their caregivers.

Now that dispensaries don't need patients to register with them in order to grow more plants, the competition to sign up patients — as well as the freebies, discounts and access to limited products that came with that competition — has died down. That means that some of the perks and discounts dispensaries offered as incentives to persuade patients to name them as caregivers also disappeared. And patients aren't happy about it.

Says KL: 
Sadly, your medical rights are being eroded by the almighty dollar yet again.
Adds Joy:
No one should profit off of healthcare or medication. It's a tragic and heartless fact about our country that so many do.
Notes Christopher:
 I can barely find places that will honor my extended plant count. Most will only let you get the normal two. Then you can't buy anything else. You have to wait 24 hours to even step foot back inside. Why am I paying extra money for an extended plant count, when it takes half a week just to buy one trip's worth?
Explains Graeme: 
Caretakers are the only growers producing quality over quantity. I’ll just stick to my personal probiotic homegrown. You’re all allowing us to have shitty weed.
Responds Rob: 
Grow your own medicine, then. The growers don't owe you anything and further, marijuana isn't medicine. Such a dumb premise from the outset. If you believe in science then you know it's not medicine. It may help you relax or sleep but it's not medicine. Prove me wrong.
Replies Nyk: 
Wow. All of this access to the world’s information and you still think cannabis has no medical value? Lemme guess...Republican, cop or Catholic?
Suggests Matt: 
The worst day of Colorado history was the recreational legalization of marijuana.
But Jessica concludes: 
Dude, it was great while it lasted. I still get good benefits and even so the lower tax rate.
Don’t be spoiled. It’s still the cheapest weed.
As over 90 percent of the state's 83,984 registered medical marijuana patients designate a dispensary to grow their plants, according to the state medical marijuana registry, the rule change could affect tens of thousands of patients as dispensaries reconsider their supplies and prices.

"Since medical vertical integration went away on July 1 and cultivations can grow the max plants allowed and are not depending on patient plant count, there simply isn't any incentive for dispensaries to provide [those] deals," explains Tim Morgen, community relations manager for dispensary chain Bgood.

What do you think of the changes at medical marijuana dispensaries? The fact that some people still question whether marjuana is medicine at all? Post a comment or email [email protected].
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